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Lori Klein My first year in the State Senate was a busy one. I kept my promises and legislated like I said I would during the 2010 campaign. And when you compare the job we did here in Arizona versus the mess in our nation’s capitol, the difference is truly striking.

While Washington D.C. overspent itself deeper into the abyss, Arizona passed a real balanced budget, without the gimmicks that were used in the past. As your legislator, I held the line and kept my promise to balance the budget without new taxes on Arizona’s hardworking families. And while it has been nearly THREE years since the United States Senate even passed a budget, we got our work done in 100 days, just like the voters expected us to.

My accomplishments included: protecting priorities like law enforcement and our schools, passing a Jobs Bill to let employers around the country know that Arizona was open for business, passing public pension reform to protect both the taxpayers and workers—without the mayhem we witnessed in Wisconsin! My work earned me high praise from the Goldwater Institution and Americans for Prosperity, far exceeding the records of my opponents.


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Candidate Goldwater
Americans for Prosperity
Lori Klein A– 95/82 – "Champion of the Taxpayer"
Karen Fanin B– 74/57 – “Needs Improvement”
Andy Tobin B– 73/49 “Friend of Big Government”


Now in 2012, Arizona’s economy is on the rebound and we are a top-state in terms of new job creation. We still have a long way to go, but our old $3 Billion deficit is now a $600 Million surplus, and I believe Arizona has turned the corner. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant. As the most conservative legislator in the district, you can count on me to resist liberal efforts to spend our surplus and to foolishly allow Arizona’s spending to outgrow its revenue again.

The battle is far from over. As well as working to further improve Arizona’s economic future and pressing forward with additional government reforms, we need to continue to fight for a truly secure southern border. In addition to drug and human smuggling cartels invading our state, the billions of dollars spent on incarceration, healthcare and education for illegal aliens is a burden that Arizona taxpayers cannot and should not have to bear. Our government has a responsibility to protect its citizens. It has failed to do so.

As a result of redistricting, my original district (LD6) was combined with LD1, and I am now blessed with a chance to work with another great group of citizens. And I get to spend even more time in my cabin in Breezy Pines. As your representative, I pledge to continue the fight for limited government and personal freedom for all Arizonans. There is definitely more work to be done and I value your input. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas.

I ask for your support and your vote on August 28th so that I can continue to protect our families and the taxpayers of our great state. Thank you for your consideration.

Lori Klein